Our Little Secret

(The reason behind Balcony&you)

Sometimes, it takes months to say a word, years to know a feeling & may be decades to realize the sacrifice that our near & deal ones make to make things better for us. Be it mother or mother-nature.

With concrete forest growing everywhere, we forget to see & praise the beauty around us & in our life. We no more cherish to sit idle for some time, doing nothing but feeling those very first drop of rains dropping on leaves, leaving behind the earthy fragrance.

Why is it that to be with the nature, we have to always step out of home, plan a vacation & be in the hills. We are trying to make an effort to bring back our balconies inside home, use them more than a mere dump yard, make it part of home again & most importantly to make it again a place / a corner (someone’s favourite) to have some meaningful, heart-to-heart conversation.

Balcony&you is our small attempt to give back to the mother-nature in return whatever we can- Contributing to our environment to make it sustainable & a gift to our lil one’s to be able to see a greener future. May be this way, we help to make our world a better place to live.

Come, Discover the pure joy of connecting our soul back to where they belong to (The NATURE).

Our journey has started…