Beehive Cactus


It is a small barrel-shaped cactus that produces pink, red, lavender, and yellow-green flowers that appear on the top of the plant.  While you can find these plants growing by themselves, they can also grow well in groups or mounds. As beautiful as the flowers are, take advantage of the bloom.  Depending on the environmental conditions, the bloom itself typically only remains open for an hour a day. Prefers bright light and ample airflow. Outside it likes full sun or afternoon shade. The Escobaria are very susceptible to rot and therefore require a well-drained soil, without any water excess or stagnation; it has been observed that the plants also suffer the environmental humidity, which should preferably remain very low (30-50%). Avoid watering during the winter, when the plant is dormant: watering Escobaria in cold environmental conditions will almost certainly lead to death of the plant. 


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  • Botanical Name

    Escobaria vivipara