Pothos (Moneyplant) light Green Neon

Pothos is an excellent air cleansing plant. Its decorative leaves and easy maintenance make it very popular amongst indoor plants. This plant is grown mainly as an indoor plant and the special characteristic of the plant, is that it can grow even in a water-filled bottle (alone for a reasonable time if you simply keep the water changing or refill at frequent intervals.) or a container without any soil. Although many plants can be grown as hydroponics but money plant survive without addition of nutrients in the water just with naturally found salts in the water. Watering Details Outdoor- Almost once a day Indoor- Once in 2-3 days In AC room- Once in 4-5 days Do take care that Pothos can get very leggy if left unpruned. If allowed to dry out too drastically, the older leaves will yellow and wither, leaving the vine stripped at the base, with leaves only on the new growth. Pruning will keep the plant fuller. Best suitable for Office table, Desk, Bedroom, Drawing Room, Container, Ground cover (In short any where :))


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  • Botanical Name

    Epipremnum aureum