Pothos Silk

  • New Arrival

Satin Pothos is just as easy to grow as its relative, golden pothos. This striking tropical plant is fairly new to house plant nurseries, and is garnering a lot of attention. Big, heart-shaped leaves are dark-green and splashed with silvery gray, giving them a satin sheen.


Standard delivery time: 5-7 business days.
  • Botanical Name

    Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus'

  • Plant Type


  • Preferred Weather

    Shade to partial Sun.

  • Watering Details

    Outdoor- Almost once a day Indoor- Once in 2-3 days In AC room- Once in 4-5 days

  • Used For

    Office table, Desk, Bedroom, Drawing Room, Container, Groundcover (In short any where :))

  • Care Required

    Keep it warm and take care not to overwater this house plant. Cold drafts and soggy soil are two things it won't tolerate.