Sedum Jelly Bean

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The jelly bean plant, also called pork and beans, is an interesting succulent plant that displays jelly beanlike leaves. In the summertime its leaves change from green to bright red, and it bears yellow flowers in the springtime. This colorful succulent does best in hot, sunny apartment balcony gardens and will look best as a “ground cover” in plant containers underneath tall plants with a small footprint.The jelly bean plant will also look stunning in a short, squat container set on a table or in a hanging window frame-like plant container
Watering Details:Water the jelly bean plant more in the spring and summer, but still let it dry out in between waterings.
Care:Plant in well-draining potting soil and never let it sit in water. They tend to do well in hotter conditions. Don't let the plant be outside (More so in North India) in the night in winters/ freezing conditions.
Note: Be careful when touching this succulent plant, as it may irritate some people’s skin. Also make sure that no pets or children eat this plant. Jelly bean plant leaves are delicate and can fall off easily.


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